Smoke In Bed With Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette

Smoke In Bed With Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette Instead of Regular Cigarettes

We all have seen the news stories of a house burning down due to the occupant falling asleep while they are smoking a cigarette.  It’s a tragedy that can be prevented if you don’t light up while you are in bed.  Instead, you should be smoking, or vaping, on an e-cigaretteDirect E-Cig™ is currently running a new year’s promotion for a risk free trial and $4.95 discounted shipping on their branded e-cig starter kit.

Direct E-Cig™ regularly sells their starter kits for $119.95, which includes 10 e-liquid nicotine cartridges, an atomizer, wall charger, and rechargeable battery.  The e-cig looks very similar to a traditional cigarette and most of the time it will be confused for a real cigarette.  You must warn people that you are causing no harm as the Direct E-Cig™ is one of the most healthiest smoking alternatives out on the market.

The only by-product of smoking on an e-cig is the water vapor mist that you exhale.  It looks pretty cool when as you exhale after you take a big puff.  The vapor can be fairly thick and really confuse those around you.  Once they come close they will realize that there is no smell or harmful side effects from breathing in tabacco second-hand smoke.

Smoking e-cigarettes by Direct E-Cig™ will save you money and most importantly prevent fires from starting if you forget about a lit cigarette in your home.  You can also say goodbye to burn marks in your car upholstery when you switch to e-cigarettes now.

Get your free starter kit from Direct E-Cig™ and only pay for the shipping costs.  Your friends and family will thank you later!

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