Quit Smoking With Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette

Quit Smoking With Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette

Tobacco smoking is a multi-million dollar industry that is in no hurry of slowing down this year or the next.  We all have a friend that smokes or we smoke religiously ourselves.  Over the last decade, many places have banned smoking inside and around other people who do not smoke.  It is no lie that cigarette smoking can cause and causes cancer, whether that be mouth or lung, but what about a healthy smoking alternative?

One solution to ease chronic cigarette smokers off the harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes contain is to supplement electronic cigarettes in with your regular smokes.  Direct E-Cig™ has recently released a starter kit that you can purchase for $4.95 through their website here.  It is one of the top deals on the web for e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have been featured in the news and on daily talk shows for the last year now, and it is not going to stop there.  They are being used heavily in the attempts to get smokers, who have already damaged their lungs or mouth, to quit smoking regular tobacco.  Just think that an e-cigarette can start putting years back on your life.

Direct E-Cig™ starter kit comes with 10 nicotine cartridges that you choose the level of nicotine for.  You can choose from full, light, ultra-light and no nicotine.  We suggest you get the full flavored ones as they closer to the real thing in effect.  You also get a wall charger and atomizer, which is the actual mechanism to vaporize the e-liquid nicotine solution in the cartridges.

Don’t be fooled by all the other brands out there.  Many have kits starting at $119.95 to $149.95.  We suggest you take advantage of the limited time only deal that Direct E-Cig is offering and begin the new year off a bit healthier.

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