Growing Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

Growing Popularity of Direct E-Cig™ Electronic Cigarettes in the Smoking Community

It is a known fact that over the last few years, electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity among traditional cigarette smokers and non-smokers and all for a good reason too.  They offer the smoker a number of quality benefits including many health and quality of life benefits.  One additional benefit is the monetary benefit e-cigarettes can offer over the lifetime of the user.  Many Direct E-Cig electronic cigarette users have reported that they have saved up to $1,000 a year when they switched over to the e-cigarette.

In most recent news, the electronic cigarette was featured on The Doctors… a nationally televised show.  It was stated that the e-cigarette is a growing health trend among many smokers because of all the benefits it offers.  Many people have been able to quit using the device that mimics a real cigarette.

Inhaling tobacco smoke is never a good thing, especially when it is filled with harmful chemicals and poisons that are created by the leading cigarette companies to make tobacco cigarettes more addictive, thus creating a customer for life.  Electronic cigarettes only deliver nicotine through a harmful water vapor that is inhaled with each “puff.”  There is no second hand smoke, only a water vapor that is exhaled.  You can smoke on an e-cigarette around friends and family that once told you to go outside and smoke.

By smoking more on the Direct E-Cig, you decrease the amount of tar build up in the lungs, which can cause lung diseases like emphysema that are commonly associated with smoking traditional cigarettes and cigars.  Another great report from e-cig smokers is that they do not wake up in the morning with smokers cough and are able to exercise more without getting winded so quickly.  No more excuses for not exercising!

As the price of regular cigarettes continue to rise, electronic cigarettes are seeming more and more like a better puff for your buck.  Direct E-Cig electronic cigarette offers a #1 voted best e-cig starter kit for a very low cost of $4.95 plus S&H.  This is kit is not available everyone and if you are interested in trying electronic cigarettes out then jump at this deal today.

Start smoking everywhere and anytime you want with electronic cigarettes.  You will be glad you made the switch. Cough. Cough.

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