Direct E-Cig Review and Starter Kit Discount

Direct E-Cig Review and Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kit Discount for $4.95

We all have thought about quitting smoking or have tried and failed miserably, but now with the recent popularity of e-cigarettes amongst smokers, weening yourself off traditional cigarettes might have gotten easier.  Many smokers wonder if success even exists minus all the side effects from quitting.

Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarettes are one of the top brands gaining recognition amongst e-cigarette smokers because of the durability and effectiveness of the device.  Direct E-Cig promises a full dose of nicotine with each puff and guarantees that you will save money by smoking e-cigs over traditional cigarettes.

Smoking regular cigarettes causes tar to build up in your lungs and respiratory system cause a plethora of other harmful effects while smoking on an Direct E-Cig, the only smoke that is emitted is a harmless water vapor.  This means you can smoke them everywhere and even around children.  If you are trying to quit smoking, then electronic cigarettes will effectively wean you off the nicotine craving.

One important bonus to note is that Direct E-Cigs look and feel just like a regular cigarette, so that motion and idea of having a real cigarette between your fingers is fixed, plus the oral fixation is satisfied as well.  With a number of different strength options to choose from you can progress from full strength nicotine to light, ultra light and finally no nicotine.  Of course, if you wanted to have the full effect then choose the full strength cartridges.

When you purchase the starter kit, you will receive an atomizer, rechargeable battery, wall charger, and 10 fully loaded nicotine e-liquid cartridges with the level you have chosen.  Direct E-Cig is offering their exclusive starter kit at $4.95.  This is the best deal out on the web currently and is only available for a limited time!

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