Buying Smokeless Cigarettes Can Save You Money

buy smokeless cigarettesTaxes are continuing rise on regular cigarettes.  Why not buy smokeless e-cigarettes and save money?

The factoids and truth about buying electronic cigarettes can be difficult to differentiate between the lies surrounding this new healthy smoking device.  Direct E-Cigs™ make it clear that they are the best in the business when it comes to electronic cigarettes and e-cigarettes.  They are so sure about their e-cig that they are allowing new customers to try a pack of e-cigarettes on them.

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An electronic cigarette is meant to provide a healthy alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.  If you don’t believe that, then you need to try them for yourself.  One of the greatest benefits of smoking a smokeless cigarette is the fact that there are no harmful chemicals inhaled or produced from any combustible tobacco.

This means that a smokeless e-cigarette can be smoked anywhere, anytime without causing a health concern for those around you.  Even though this is true, e-cigarettes still need to be kept away from anyone under the age of 18.

If you are wondering how you get your nicotine fix from an electronic cigarette, then Direct E-cig will show that it comes from a special e-liquid that contains nicotine in its liquid form.  The e-liquid is then vaporized by the e-cigarette in a specialized chamber then the nicotine is inhaled in a water vapor to your lungs where it enters your bloodstream and you get that nicotine high.

When you buy your Direct E-Cig starter kit for $4.95, you will get everything you need to start smoking right away.  As you place your order, you will be given the choice of different nicotine levels.  There are ultra lights and then there are the full flavor nicotine cartridges.  We recommend getting the full strength to start out with, as you will get the full cigarette experience when you go this route.

Buying electronic cigarettes has been known to help you decrease the amount of regular cigarettes you smoke, besides saving you money.  One pack of e-cigarettes will cost you $2 opposed to $5 for regular cigarettes.  Don’t believe e-cigarettes are a novelty item.  They are real and mimic every aspect of a traditional cigarette smoking.

We encourage you to buy electronic cigarettes from Direct E-Cig and experience the difference.  Start improving your health by smoking e-cigarettes instead of those death sticks that tobacco manufacturers sell you.

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