Direct E-CigAre Direct E-Cigarettes really a healthier way to get that nicotine fix?

Like me, I’m sure you know that smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health and it’s hard to quit, blah blah.  I have tried chewing gum and placing nicotine patches on my body, but nothing can replace that feeling of a cigarette slowly burning between your fingers and between your lips.

Electronic cigarettes have recently gained attention of many tobacco users across the United States.  These devices, also known as “e-cigarettes“, mimic the size and feel of a real cigarette.  Initially, I was very skeptical at trying such a device to reduce the amount of harmful smoking I was doing everyday, which was ruining my teeth, making my clothes and breath smell, and causing me to keep a distance from my friends and their children.

A few months ago, I discovered Direct E-Cig™ electronic cigarette manufacturer who sells a starter kit for $9.95 on a few spots on the internet.  Their trial kit comes with everything you need to start smoking and getting your nicotine fix.  As you order, you can select the amount of nicotine you want in the cartridges and as you can imagine, I chose the “full” level and flavor. The company offers quick delivery and additional flavors for you to try.

When I first inspected the electronic cigarette from Direct E-Cig™, it’s clear that the small device in fact is an exact replica of a traditional cigarette.  Here are just a few of the benefits that they claim on

  • No tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or ash.
  • Get the same amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette.
  • Each cartridge costs less than $2 and is equal to an entire pack of cigarettes.
  • You can save over $1000 each year.
  • No more second-hand smoke.

Many of those benefits were just what I was looking for to solve many of the issues that have been relevant for the last 10 years that I have been smoking.  I immediately charged up the e-cig cartridges when I first got the trial kit, as I wanted to experience the full effect of the e-cigarette and it’s nicotine punch.  That process only took a few minutes then I was off to a few friends places to take a few puffs and see what my friends thought.

I was quite amazed at what happened next, as my friends who were not smokers wanted to take a few drags off my ecigs.  It was great!  I believe everyone caught a bit of a buzz and had a few laughs.  Eventually, I went on to tell them about all the great benefits Direct E-Cig has over other types of electronic and traditional cigarettes.

After some more research on what experts and doctors were saying, I found that the United Health Organization stated,

In the short time that electronic cigarettes have become popular, the number of people who have been able to quit smoking and stay cigarette free have risen by an estimated 300%. No other methodology has proven so successful in such a short period of time.”

If you are looking to quit or just looking to smoke in places that you have been banned from, then definitely buy your Direct E-Cigarette Trial Kit today!  It will save you money in the long run and possibly help you kick your habit of smoking harmful, cancer causing cigarettes.

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